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Welcome to the wonderful world of The Royal High Jinx. We write, play &
sing music inspired by European traditions, shaded with gypsy jazz, Klezmer
and a pinch of classical virtuosity.
We formed The Royal High Jinx along with our good friends Jen Hawley and
Terry Cole in Melbourne, Australia in 2014. For as long as we can remember,
our experience of music has been associated with family, community and
sharing. From many nights jamming at festivals around the world, to playing
around the kitchen table with our family and friends, we have been lucky to
have a lot of great wisdom and joy passed down to us in these sessions. The
reason for passing these tunes on is to inspire others to share in the fun also.
We have been heavily influenced by (and love) music from The Balkans,
Russia and Romania, as well as Klezmer and Gypsy Jazz. As well as keeping
with some of those traditions, we wanted to write tunes that were interesting
to listen and dance to, yet fun and challenging to play.
The tunes in this book are transcriptions of our original instrumental works
which feature in our live shows and on our recordings
Your Place Or Mine? (2014) & Wheel Of Poor Choices (2017)
Feel free to contact us at
If you have any feedback, suggestions, or require further information about
our original music.
Thank you for your interest in our music.
We hope you enjoy it.
Silas & Sarah Busuttil Palmer.

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The Royal High Jinx Melbourne, Australia

Prepare yourself for a world of high energy Gypsy dance-infused Worldbeat mischief and unrestrained fun, as this High Jinx takes you on an unforgettable ride that will have you dancing, clapping and singing the whole night through, Hear costumed ladies and suited up gents rocking out on fiddles, keys, guitars, bass and drums, driving their rhythms of passion through your soul. ... more

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